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Polish Posters Shop Customer Internet Privacy Statement at www.Polishposter.com
Protecting your privacy is important to us. We hope the following statement will help you understand how and when Polish Posters Shop collects, uses and safeguards the personal information you provide during shopping on the site.
I. What and how the information is collected?
While visiting our standard web site (noted in your browser address as pages ending with .html) information is stored in a server log file for the purpose of analyzing what pages are accessed, which files are downloaded, and what errors occur. We reveiw which top domain addresses visit our site. This process does not collect any personal information about you or your business. It is standard process on all web sites, all over the internet
When you shop our online store, a SESSION ID tracks movements and your IP address is stored for authentication and verification reasons only. This is standard in all shopping cart programs. Your credit card information is stored securely in a different location than your contact information, and is removed from the server when transaction deatails are accessed by us. Credit card information is not stored at any computer after transaction.
Our online store uses cookies to identify you and your movement through our store. A cookie is a small file stored on your computer, which expires by a certain date. Our cookies do not track your movement throughout the Internet and do not, ever, send us information about you when you are not on our site.
When You create account in our shop, Your personal information is stored on secure server. There are two reasons You may want to create account in our shop: One is to make it easier for You to place orders in the future. Second is that You get special prices, permanent discounts and special offers. When You log To Your account in the shop, You might see that prices become lower for You.
II. Who has access to the Customer information?
ONE, just one and only one person has access to the Customer information provided during completing of the transaction. Your private information: name, address, email address is stored on secure server at polishposter.com and no any other computers connected to internet. Transaction details ares stored in printed form for financial records. We never share any customer information with any companies, advertisers or affiliates. There is no chance that our customers information will ever be shared, published, sold or exchanged.
III. Can I remove my personal information from Your database? Can I correct it?
If You ever created account in our shop or provided Your personal information in any other way, You can always request removing of Your personal information from our databases. The only case we are obligated to store Your personal information is the financial history of the transactions - in this case all information is stored in printed form, not on any computers. You can always correct Your information when You log to Your account or by sending the request by email
IV. Where can I send special questions?
Please contact us here with all Your questions. You should receive answer as soon as possible from the owner of the site.

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