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A1: 23"x33"/58x82cm
B1: 27"x39"/67x97cm

Shipping, sizes, conditions and other important info.

All deliveries in Europe by UPS. Outside of Europe we use Fedex and Postal service. Shipping cost depends on the weight of the package.
To see prices in your local currency, please change the currency on the right side of the screen.

Wysylka w Polsce: 17 PLN - niezaleznie od ilosci plakatów.

Delivery in Europe:
up to 4 posters shipped by UPS - $12.80
Shipping cost calculated at checkout if more than 4 posters.

Delivery to North America
1-4 posters shipped Fedex - $25.60
Shipping cost calculated at checkout if more than 4 posters.

Delivery to Asia, Africa, South America
1-4 posters shipped by priority mail - $15.36
Shipping cost calculated at checkout if more than 4 posters.

Delivery to Australia, New Zealand
one poster shipped by priority mail - $15.36
2-4 posters shipped by priority mail - $23.04
Shipping cost calculated at checkout if more than 4 posters.
All Prices other than PLN (Polish Zloty) are approximate only and are based on the current exchange rate from Google Finance. Rates updated daily.
As we are in Poland we can only make charges in Polish currency. You can select one of few currencies for viewing and for better orientation in prices. If you pay trough Paypal, transaction will be in Polish currency in the equivalent of the value of your selected currency. All credit card charges will be made in PLN, Polish currency in the amount shown on the invoice page and your order confirmation email. The amount charged to your card in Your card currency can be little different - lower or higher than amount shown on the page. Exchange rates for international transaction vary from bank to bank so there is no way to tell what exact exchange rate is used for your card transactions. If you have any questions regarding payments and exchange rates, please feel free to contact us
How to buy from polishposter.com?
Please use our online shop for placing orders - you can browse the categories in the shop or browse posters list and add posters to shopping basket. To place order, click on the checkout button. This will take You to secure connection. Your browser must accept cookies to store Your basket content All information You submit to the site during ordering is protected with SSL connection. We use 128 bit ssl certificate from thawte. If You ever decide to come to the shop again, You can create an account and access it with Your username and password. Your privacy is safe - we do not share any info about the store and about our customers with any shops, companies, affiliates. You never receive any unwanted mailings - we only send update info to addresses from which we receive request for the info. All personal information and payment info is accessed only via secure connection.
You can send payment information (credit card number) to us by fax if You don't want to use it over the internet. You can also use Paypal as payment.
Please read our Privacy Policy
contact Us if You would have any questions.
 Conditions of posters
This is quite difficult to generalize if we talk about thousands of posters from a period of 50 years. Something what might be called perfect "as from the 40s" would be "so, so " if it would be 5 year old. Most ( NOT ALL!) of the movie posters have been folded - usually they have one fold line in the middle. Some have been folded few times. A good thing about folds on Polish posters is that the single fold line is usually not much visible. Posters have been usually folded in a half in a group of 10 or 20 pieces at a time. It makes a fold line but the image is not damaged by the fold and paper surface is not "broken". Polish movie posters have been printed on non glossy paper so fold does not make to much damage to the surface. Some posters - the older, might have pinholes. Most of Our non film posters are rolled, unused, perfect condition. Please write Your questions about any specific poster and we could provide detailed description of each poster. In many cases we have multiple copies of the posters and they might be in various conditions, so there is no details about this on the single pages. You might be sure that posters we sell are the best copies of these we have.
 What are the size terms A1, B1 etc? What sizes of polish posters exists?
-Polishposters have been printed mostly in 2 standard sizes. We use A1 and B1 terms to identify two main sizes.
A1 is about 58x82cm / 23x33 inches - This was standard size for Polish movie posters from 1949 until late 70s (1976-79) Dimensions are "about" - there might be some small differences -1 inch less or more.
B1 size is 67x97 cm / 27x39 inches (about) - This is standard size for Polish movie posters from 1977/79 until today. Other posters than movie posters have been mostly printed in bigger (B1) size. There are also posters printed in half size of the two standard sizes and a quarter of the standard size ( not often and not all posters have been printed in all sizes) Some posters have been printed in double size of the standard A1 and B1.
-We always want to make a good service and all our Customers are important for us. If in any case our service is not as good as You expected, we offer full guarantee of Your satisfaction - this might be refund, return or other compensation. Please contact us if any of our services didn't met Your expectations. any questions or comments are welcome.

Polish PostersINFO, shipping, sizes, help

Polish PostersINFO, shipping, sizes, help
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